Urban Assembly Harbor School

The Billion Oyster Project

Students at Harbor School, a public high school on Governors Island, are in the process of seeding our harbor with a billion oysters. 

Rachel Nuwer details their efforts in a recent Edible Brooklyn post:

Now, a team of determined New Yorkers wants to bring those bivalves back, albeit for something other than eating. Last April they launched an initiative called the Billion Oyster Project, which largely relies on the efforts of students at the New York Harbor School on Governors Island, within casting distance of the Statue of Liberty. As its name implies, that public school sits smack dab on the NYC harbor, a boon for its water-heavy curriculum whose topics range from ocean engineering to scientific diving.

Oysters also feature heavily on the teaching menu. Mollusca aficionados and ecologically minded instructors are training a fleet of teenage marine biologists who, after five years of work, now churn out around two million oysters annually, with an ultimate goal of seeding the harbor with a billion bivalves.