The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide
By Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

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    New book published by Globe Pequot Press
    New book published by Globe Pequot Press
    Governors Island is New York’s greatest new park. Now it has its own guidebook to the Island. Published by Globe Pequot Press, The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide is part of the “Historical Tours” series. The book is 144 pages and available in softcover and ebook. It is illustrated with eight maps, 100+ photos, and artwork. The ISBN is 978-1-4930-1966-3 (Feb. 15, 2016 publication).

    The book is distributed through National Book Network and advance orders can be placed through them. Eastern National will distribute the book in the bookstore on Governors Island.

    For many, going to Governors Island is a bit of a mystery. By writing this book, which includes just about every building on the island, as well as the complete history of it dating to the pre-colonial era, I hope to provide a guide that can be used by everyone.

    Table of Contents
    Tour 1: Castle Williams and Army Garrison Life
    Tour 2: Fort Jay and the New York Arsenal
    Tour 3: Nolan Park and Officer Homes
    Tour 4: The South Island and the Hills
    Tour 5: Bicycle Tour Loop

    There are detailed maps exclusively created for the book, along with the GPS locations of all of the spots in the book. It has a special section devoted to the new development on the Island, The Hills.

    I have been visiting Governors Island since it first opened to the public on a strictly limited basis in 2003. I watched in amazement as the island exploded in popularity over the next twelve years. As the island was renovated all of New York came to embrace Governors Island and appreciate what it means as a park and historic landmark.

    This will be the first guidebook written just about the island. It follows the work my friend Janice Taylor and I started in 2010 with the first iPhone app for Governors Island. As the island changed since the app came out, I worked on updates and collecting material for the new book.

    I will continue to maintain my Governors Island blog that began in 2010, as well as my Twitter feed, @GovIslandGuide.

    Since I am a licensed New York City Sightseeing Guide as well as a published author, I wrote this book that I believe will be informative, educational, researched, and most importantly, useful.

    If you have questions about the book, please drop me a note.