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Governors Island iOS App Version 1

Note: The iOS app was released in 2011. It is now being updated and revised for 2016 release. Users who download it now will get an automatic update upon release of version 2.0. An Android version is in development.

Now visitors can enjoy their time on the island even more with a new app, the Governors Island Explorer’s Guide.

Download the Governors Island Explorer’s Guide for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The app, available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, presents the history and recreation options available to visitors. The app has more than 80 historic locations with detailed descriptions of each one. It has an interactive map of the entire 172-acre island with GPS locations, covering everything from bicycling, ice cream cones and cannon balls.

“We are thrilled to be the first to offer an app to those who want to experience the jewel of New York Harbor,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, producer and co-creator of the app. “The app is interactive and can be used to plan a trip in advance or while you’re on the island. It has about 5,000 words of text and more than 100 photos; it’s just jammed with information about the island.”

Governors Island is a former military base in New York Harbor. It is a public park and recreation area, as well as the Governors Island National Monument (U.S. National Park Service). The Governors Island Explorer’s Guide is for anyone who wants to find a picnic spot, or locations tied to the Civil War. It has a detailed 200-year history of the island, as well as practical information for concertgoers and daytrippers.

Created by the New Amsterdam Apps & Maps, this is the first app for Governors Island and one with a deep knowledge of the park.

The app features:

• Fully interactive map: Want to know where to find bike rentals, bathrooms, and old cannons? We’ll show you!

• GPS location technology: Don’t get lost in an old fort, we’ll find you!

• Concertgoer information: Attending an all-day music festival? The app tells you what to expect from security, food & drink rules, transportation options, and much more. This will save you time and money.

• The Governors Island story: We’ll tell you everything, from the Dutch exploration in 1624 to the day 50 Cent hit the island.

• Explore the National Monument: The National Park Service recently arrived, learn about historic Fort Jay and Castle Williams.

• Stunning Governors Island photos: Hundreds of photos that show off the island’s beauty and history.

This is the most comprehensive app and map ever created for Governors Island put together by a licensed New York City Sightseeing Guide. Before you get on the ferry to the island, let us show you the places to visit, and when you’re off the boat, get ready for a fantastic adventure with the Governors Island Explorer’s Guide.